NOISE Demonstration Outside Waltham Forest Town Hall to Protest Extended Working Hours


Today we held a noise demonstration outside Waltham Forest Town Hall. As well as granting permission for the basketball facility on Leyton Marsh, WF Council are also responsible for deciding on subsequent planning applications relating to Leyton Marsh, inlcuding the most recent application by Arup to extend working hours on the Leyton Marsh site.

They wish to extend the working hours until 10pm on weekdays and until 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays (there is presently no work at all on Sunday and it should stay that way).

We sent a strong message outside the council today that if they approved inconsiderate working hours on Leyton Marsh, they would also experience noise pollution on their doorstep!

We then marched to Sycamore House to demand the documents relating to the application that should be publicly available but have not been published on the website nor sent to us by email when we requested them. Copies of these documents will shortly appear on our Document Archive.

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