Full Two Year ASBO Imposed on Simon Moore for Peaceful Protest

This morning at Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Purdy delivered his judgement on the case of the ASBO sought by the ‘Commissioner of police for the Metropolis’ to prohibit various activities; the stated reason being the prevention of ‘conduct leading to the disruption of the Olympic Games events 2012’. The full text of his judgement can be read here: https://london.indymedia.org/articles/12434

DJ Purdy decided to authorise the ASBO.  He made some minor adjustments to prohibitions 1,2,4 + 5.  He removed prohibition 3 relating to trespassing on land or buildings with camping equipment.  The full text of the amended ASBO (the final order) can be read on the Indymedia link shown above.

Outside the court Simon issued the following statement:

”The effect of this ASBO is to criminalise peaceful protest.  There are legitimate issues for concern around the Olympics such as the destruction of Leyton Marsh in East London for a temporary basketball training facility and the ethics and human rights records of corporate sponsors for the games.  These punitive and coercive laws will not stop us from peacefully protesting or from doing what is right.”

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