Statement of Solidarity with Simon Moore

The following statement has now been endorsed through consensus by Occupy London:

On Monday 18th June a two year ASBO was imposed on Simon Moore, our friend and fellow protestor at Leyton Marsh.

Like us, Simon believed that what was happening on Leyton Marsh was wrong and needed to be resisted peacefully.
Like us, Simon did not want to see a beautiful habitat and recreational space enclosed, contaminated and destroyed for a wasteful temporary facility for the Olympics.
Like us, Simon was prepared to show his opposition to this destructive land grab.
Like us, he was intimidated with the full force of the law and criminalised.
Like Simon, we do not wish to stop speaking the truth about legitimate issues around the Olympics such as environmental destruction and suspension of our human rights.
Like Simon, we will not stop peacefully protesting.
Like Simon, we will not stop speaking out about what is right.
Like Simon, we refuse to fear doing what is right and just in the face of repression.
We stand together against this injustice and speak as one. Simon is one of us and we are all Simon Moore!
Caroline Day
Kev Refuse
Carolyn Deby
Bill Perry
Abi Woodman
Paul Charman
Gideon Corby
Esther Adelman
Claire Weiss
Len Weiss
Michael Ho
Vicky Sholund
Celia Corum
Susan Murray
Fizle Sagar
Jane Bednall
Shahron Shah
Cllr. Barry Buitekant
Anna O’Brien
Fi Stephens
Pedro Reyna
Andrea Farrelly
Tanya Schimpl
Una Byrne
Lydia Burke
Charley Appelby
Defend the Right to Protest group
Mike Wells – GamesMonitor
Steve Dowding – GamesMonitor
Julian Cheyne – GamesMonitor
Obedencio Raymond (Obi) – OccupyLondonTV WG
Peter Coville – OccupyLondon
Maeve Clare Doherty -OccupyLondon
Kris O Donnell – OccupyLondon, Green & Black Cross Legal Observers
John Bywater – OccupyLondon
Beata Zalewska – OccupyLondon
David Renton – Barrister
Sybil Cock
Maria Cico Frecker
Carolyn Wallace
Sue Sparks
Miriam Scharf
Caroline Staines
Nick Pratley – ALARM
Bhavesh Hindocha – Local Resident
Julie Cookson
Kate Harris – StWC and Local Resident
Rheian Davies – Solicitor
Albert Beale
Martin Slavin
Lauren Chandler
Jack Johnson
Anna Gaunt
Sean Carey
Zee Zerrin Kellam
Diana Nelsen
Rosemary Warrington
Daniel Ashman – OccupyLondon
Ziggy Norton – S.N.P.N
Darren Lynch, descendant of East End silk weavers
Alison Griffin
Judy Jordan
James Albury
James Thatcher
Susan McCabe
Fran Harker
Neil Sutherland
Dr. Debbie Shaw
Malcolm James
Ronan McNern, Queer Resistance / Occupy London
Ben Cavanna
Kevin Blowe
Sherrl Yanowitz
Rheian Davies – Solicitor
Simon Bulpin
Fanny Malinen – OccupyLondon
Steve Rushton – OccupyLondon
Sonia Ali
Luke Wilkins
Amanda O’Dell
Rosie Bridie Penelope Appelby
Boyko Djouranov
James Hampson – OccupyLondon
Liz Beech – OccupyLondon
Peter Mudge
Matthew Waterfall
Kriss Lee
Janie Mac – GB & OccupyLondon
Em Weirdigan – OccupyLondon: Finance & Process WG
Max Oblong
Jim Wolf
Tom Heathfield
Jonathan Lamb – Occupy TEch TEam.
Bill Thorley
Mark Romano
Chris Benner
Tina Duke
Tracy Harman
James Newman – 4TheRecord and Occupy London
Michele Brown
Natalia Sanchez-Bell
Ludovica Rogers – OccupyLondon
Stephen R Moore – Occupy City of London
Martin Houston, Chelmsford
Belinda McKenzie
Christina Sosseh
Jason Palmer – MBE
Lydia Burke
Wanda Canton
Elizabeth C – CON
Simon Shaw – Welfare Officer Redbridge Teachers’ Association – National Union of Teachers
Neil McDonald – Local Resident and Marsh user
Nafeesa Shamshuddin – OccupyLondon
Charlie ‘SquatforthePeople’ Sanderson
James Bene
Matthew John Horne
Charlie Guvara
Tammy Samede
Mattieu Varnham
Catweazle Toole
Indigo Bailey Kirk
Lee Field
Linda Vankova
Paul Hodge
Donald Key
Anita L. Beaty – Metro Atlanta task for the Homeless
Pam Eadie
Tristan Woodwards
Dan Cole
Meg Selby
Jack Johnson
Ray Dorset
Kim Sellers
Margarida Ferreira
Janice Bishop
Tom Calverley
James Bene
Geoff Sheppard
Visa Rantanen
Glen Hurst
Cllr Ian Rathbone
Paul Gasson
Rikki – Indymedia
Andria E-Mordaunt MSC- OccupyLondon
Tim Bennett – Millfields resident

Alice Widger – Millfields resident
Gary Stacey – Wessex Solidarity
Leon Pike
Jason Cortez
Kevin Alderson
Ophelie Couture
Julie Sumner
Kat Craig – Solicitor
Jayne Hornby
Gareth Newnham
Chris Lemin
Cheryl Jenkins
David Hui
Martin Houston
Rachael Milling
Margo Jackson
Mat Thomas – Hackney resident
Dr Hilda Kean – Historian
Melanie Strickland – Occupy Law
Iain Bruce
Sam W
Chris Browne
Phil Dawson
Martin Young
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