Lobby Your Representatives In Waltham Forest and Hackney re Leyton Marsh

Please lobby your local Hackney and Waltham Forest councillors and MPs to take action over Leyton Marsh.

This is an example letter from a local resident which outlines the lack of concern demonstrated over serious issues relating to the marsh by the very WF councillors who voted for the ‘development’:

Dear Councillor Ahmed

I wanted to take this opportunity to put in writing some of the points we raised during our discussion at your surgery this morning.  I do hope this will help.

1.  Ms Murray and I expressed our disappointment at the lack of councillor support for the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign.  As we explained the destruction of this valuable green space will have a direct adverse affect on your constituents and the failure of our elected representatives to even acquaint themselves with the basic facts of the case is the source of much concern and dissatisfaction. By continuing to ignore the situation you appear to be demonstrating a worrying degree of apathy to the welfare of local residents?
2.  The on-going work in the area around the basketball development provides a considerable risk to those using the field, not only from the materials uncovered by the digging – including asbestos – but also from the heavy goods vehicles being used to transport material to and from the site.  There appears to be no clear strategy to deal with these risks while what remains of the field is still open to the public.
3.  You told us that it has been some considerable time since you visited the area in question, so you have no direct understanding of the scale of the work or what is involved.  We urged you and your fellow councillors to remedy this situation, but visiting the area as soon as possible.  How can you begin to understand our concerns if you have not seen the scale of the devastation being inflicted on this once open, green space?
4.  We explained that our concerns also included the future of the field and asked you to get in touch with the LVRPA and the ODA and ask them for their unambiguous commitment to returning the area to open green space by 15th October (as stated in the original plans submitted to LBWF Planning Committee).  The failure of the LVRPA to give us this assurance in writing fuels suspicion that their plans for the area may include development linked to the Ice Rink or sale of the land for development.
5.  We provided you information of two meetings taking place this week – Monday 21st May and Wednesday 23rd May, but you told us that you had prior commitments on each of those days.  We then requested that you inform your fellow councillors and acquaint them with our concerns, passing on our request that at least one of you find space in your diaries to attend at least one of these meetings.   I would email your fellow councillors directly, but they have shown a distinct reluctance even to acknowledge emails from anyone involved in this campaign.  Perhaps you will have more success in persuading them to engage with this issue.

Finally could I raise the question of the attempt by Save Leyton Marsh group to hire a room at Lea Bridge Library.  As you know (from the Community Forum Meeting last month) this request was denied without any adequate explanation.  Despite assurances given by Councillor Akram at the meeting, we are still awaiting a response to the enquiries he promised to make on our behalf.  This delay is far from satisfactory and only serves to strengthen the view that our elected representatives just do not care what happens to this valuable community resource.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maggie Cowan

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