This photograph was taken on 20th May. It clearly demonstrates that piles of exposed rubble remain on Leyton Marsh. On 15th May Mark Sorrel dismissed criticism of the spoil mounds by claiming they were all covered with plastic tarpaulin. This photo tells a different story.

There is a Marsh Users Forum Meeting on Wednesday 23rd May 6:30pm at the Lea Valley Ice Rink.

This is an open meeting co-ordinated by the LVRPA to discuss their plans for the £65k to ‘improve’ Leyton and Walthamstow Marshes.

Add your voice to demand that Leyton Marsh is properly restored and to preserving the marshes as open, green spaces as a haven for people and wildlife for posterity.

We will be demanding a legally binding document committing both the LVRPA and the ODA to the full restoration they have repeatedly promised. The state of Leyton Marsh presently is still completely unacceptable; there is considerable evidence it is also hazardous to health and guaranteed safeguards regarding the nature of works are not being adhered to.

Despite already creating ‘narrow paths’ (?!) through the Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMINC), they clearly aren’t wide enough for the truck drivers who continue cutting the corner, eroding the precious plants even further…

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