We have chosen to create a brand new geocaching event this year that is family friendly and suitable for all ages!

This is because our number one priority is keeping people safe.

Our previous Beating the Bounds events have been extremely popular, drawing large crowds. Such crowds occurring altogether at once could create a problem for attendees where there are narrow paths, such as towpaths or on bridges, which are pinch points on the route and where it would be very difficult to enforce social distancing. This would also create potential unsafe obstruction for local residents.

However, geocaching is a perfect way for everyone to celebrate the tradition on site, in their own time, with whomever they like!

There will be a celebration of the distant and recent past, with the radical flavour that we hope the New Lammas Lands Defence Committee who re-established the tradition on the marshes, and the late and dearly missed Katy Andrews would be proud of.

We will be providing two ways of taking part in the event to make sure it is friendly both to those fully immersed in the digital age, as well as to those who have knowledge of the local area and prefer following more traditional clues!

All the resources you need to take part will be available to download on this homepage on 9th May, so keep posted here!

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