Proof that the LVRPA have long planned to sell off land to fund the new ice rink

We suspected the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) was lying when Shaun Dawson, the Chief Executive, and Paul Osborne, the Chairman, told us, on 19 January 2017, that there has been no decision to sell of the land around the Waterworks Centre for development to fund the building of the ice centre. Now we have the proof. They have been discussing it for over a year…

We have obtained the correspondence between Waltham Forest Council and the LVRPA regarding the Council’s Lea Valley East Side Vision via a Freedom of Information Act request.

References to the salient points are set out below.

File Page Date Comment
1-10 4 26/1/16 First mention of “enabling development”
1-10 24 20/4/16 First mention of Academy Trust on the Thames Water site
11-20 7 15/5/16 First mention of moving the rangers out of the Waterworks Centre
11-20 10, 12 24/6/16 First mention of “enabling development” at the Waterworks Centre
11-20 18 27/6/16 “The cap ex for the new twin pad will rely on the release of value from the existing WaterWorks Centre facility; this could be for an hotel/residential and maybe industrial. Our preference is for the most lucrative.”
21-30 28 8/11/16 Mention of the car wash
21-30 49 11/11/16 “Three aspects of the masterplan which are all highly sensitive and will attract a hostile response from some quarters: …”
21-30 58 14/11/16 “Ranger base to relocate to Connaught Close”
21-30 64 24/11/16 Invitation to breakfast at Borough Market
31.1-31.2 1 20/12/16 Our petition
31.3-33 36-37 15/12/16 Mention of some sort of development at the Riding Centre (canopies similar to those at the car wash?) that are recognized to be “inappropriate”. All developments referred to as inappropriate for MoL by Council.
31.3-33 42 22/12/16 Our petition
34-40 2 9/1/17 Our petition and mention, by the Council, of scaling back the development at the WaterWorks so it doesn’t include the golf course.
34-40 17 11/1/17 Mention of developments on the Thames Water site
34-40 37-40 12/1/17 Briefing note to Coghill
41-43 9 17/1/17 Our petition

The documents are available from our website:

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