Public Inquiry: Applying to speak/ submit your views

If you objected to common land consent being given for ‘Works on Hackney Marshes’ (two car parks, one on North and one on East Marsh, and pavilion on presently green space) you will have received an email inviting you to speak at a Planning Inspectorate public inquiry into the plans.

This inquiry is intended to investigate whether the proposed loss of common land is justified. Unless consent is given, works would be illegal.

You can still apply to speak, attend or submit evidence to the inquiry even if you did not object.

This inquiry is likely to take place next year. We do not yet know the date. The venue will be somewhere in Hackney.

We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to attend the inquiry. You will be asked for how long you would like to speak. You can speak for as long as you wish to. You can also attend the inquiry without speaking or submit a written statement if you are not able to attend and wish your views to be considered.

To do so, please write before 15th October:





[Please state whether you wish to attend, submit written evidence and if you wish to speak how long you would like to speak for].

We are asking people to copy us in so we have a rough idea of how many people will be taking part in the inquiry.


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