Stop the Attack on MOL! Make Your Objections to LVRPA’s plans for our marshes!

The golf course has been shut and the LVRPA wish to transform this Metropolitan Open Land into a campsite during the summer and a private pony-trekking site for the rest of the year.

They also have plans to extend the stables for commercial livery onto more of our Metropolitan Open Land.

Please OBJECT to these plans TODAY by writing to:

Key objection points for the Waterworks change of use from golf course to campsite and pony trekking (2013/0505) are

  • loss of open recreational land taken by camping areas
  • diminution of landscape quality from tents, fences, vehicles, ablution blocks
  • obstruction of views and openness particularly across large southern area
  • noise and disturbance to currently peaceful location from campers and vehicles
  • loss of open recreational land taken by pony paddock
  • pony paddock area proposed for 5 animals far less than the British Horse Society specified 0.5ha/horse
  • likely environmental impacts from overgrazing, droppings and wear on paddock area
  • pony paddock next to watercourse with pollution risk
  • no waste/manure disposal arrangements described
  • no arrangements for fodder storage & management described
  • contrary to LVRPA Park Development Framework’s policies of protection of MOL, ecology, openness and improvement of landscape quality
  • no pre-application consultation with golf course users or wider local community.

Key objection points for the 13 additional stables application (2013/0410) are

It is building on Metropolitan Open Land and the structure is :

  • excessive in size and prominent in location and design
  • scale and location will result in loss of openness
  • not essential facility for appropriate use of the open land
  • benefits only the horse owners using the stables (previous application limited livery stables to 7 for this reason)

Other matters:

  • harm to SSSI from additional riding activity
  • damage to grazing land from too many horses
  • loss of public access to previously open land caused by associated paddock expandion
  • animal welfare – stables too low, minimally sized, insufficient paddock space
  • no drainage details included in application, may lead to pollution
  • no information showing adequacy of waste storage/disposal arrangements
  • is contrary to the LVRPA’s adopted Park Development Framework which contains no proposal for further building at the Riding Centre, only ‘increased use of outdoor areas for schooling and exercise’. The stables proposal will mean the loss of an outdoor exercise area.

Waltham Forest Council will decide on the application and have to consider the content and number of the rejections received. If you wish to know more about our objections, please email

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