Spot the Difference on Leyton Marsh

I’m afraid there are no prizes for guessing where the site of the ‘temporary’ basketball court was in these pictures of Leyton Marsh, taken 8 months after the date it was ‘restored to its original condition’ by the ODA:


There’s something you see here…


That you don’t see here…


And something’s not quite as it was here…


And then there’s the fate of the area left to remediate without ‘specialist wildflower turf’

Here’s what the LVRPA say about Leyton Marsh:
“Wildflower and grass varieties were sown at source into turf by the original contractors. This turf was brought to site and oversown with seed. The Authority has received reassurance that this took place and has evidence on site that over-seeding took place.  The Authority is due to test this work though commissioning an independent flora survey in May and September. There is already significant evidence of clover on the site which was sown at source prior to the turf being delivered to site.
In December 2012 a survey and soil analysis was commissioned by the Authority. This included core samples being taken at 25 points across the whole reinstated site. The samples demonstrated sufficient soil depth as included in the specification and also that the soil was suitable for general landscape works. This survey was in addition to ODA’s own soil analysis for the top soil prior to being brought to site from a depot in Essex.”


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3 Responses to Spot the Difference on Leyton Marsh

  1. what a bunch of liars .. that is just standard Rye Grass turf they have laid!
    and you can not overseed sucessfully with wild flowers.

  2. RicP says:

    I see no daisies or dandelions. Someone screwed up here!

  3. Kriss Lee says:

    what’s also funny is the other day I was out there with my girls

    People were sitting and picnicing all over the marsh . . . except for a certain area where nobody was sitting,

    venturing into this empty space I discovered it was damp underfoot despite the glorious sunshine !

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