Nature Needs Space to Breathe Life

Lea Valley Regional Park Authority have recently hacked a significant amount of undergrowth at the Middlesex Filter Beds and Walthamstow Marshes. When questioned about this, they replied there are ‘plans’ to replace these areas with ‘more floristically diverse’ habitats. However, authorities like these tend to underestimate the value of leaving scrubland undisturbed since these ‘self-sown trees and brambles’ provide forage for bees and homes for birds. Their value can be seen in the image below of the very same type of undergrowth – look at the number of birds!

If the LVRPA really wish to create  more floristically diverse marshes, they should accurately survey and protect the species already in existence; rectify the monoculture turf laid on Leyton Marsh; reduce the excessive mowing regime for all the marshes which kills many wildflowers in their prime and immediately stop the use of harmful pesticides.


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