Reinstatement Works on Leyton Marsh

This image shows where the contractors took a chunk of top soil to test for asbestos etc. We argued for more sampling right across the pile but they said they had done what was industry standard. To the right the ground is well rutted and impacted, with some bits of stone ground in. This is surface ground – their answer is they will scrape it and then cover it with a thin layer and then turf. But it wasn’t clear if that would happen or indeed how. The boundaries of where they are going to lay the turf seemed arbitrary when Cllr. Rathbone questioned the contractor as to preservation of meadowland and putting it back the way it was. A LBWF official volunteered they would check on a topographical plan. Cllr. Rathbone asked about photos taken beforehand which we seem to remember Mr Sorrell telling us. They did not seem to know about them but said they would look them out.

This image shows the controversial membrane, which was expressly described in the reinstatement plan as being included to assist ‘future excavation’, being laid down and soil placed on top.

Bottom right shows impacted sub soil which looked pretty hard to us – they will ‘scuff up’ this layer when the turf is being laid. Turf will be laid on Monday 8th October; Cllr. Ian Rathbone has requested a special site visit on this date to monitor the works.

A pit that had been dug for some reason. Maybe it’s where they found the unexploded rusty drain pipe 😉

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