Contaminated Rubble Removed: Fears about Pollution


If you go down to Leyton Marsh, you will see that it’s almost impassable outside the site exit gate due to the state of the sand on the unmade up sandy path, the result of heavy lorries carrying the contaminated waste from site. The manner in which this path has been used to transport the removal of hazardous waste makes it a serious problem.

The way this waste has been taken off site appears to be in breach of the ODA’s code of construction practice, the LVRPA licence, the control of pollution act and probably the asbestos at work act.

There’s continuous mud all the way from the remains of the stockpile out onto Lea Bridge Road where you can see mud traces as far as the riding centre.

The wheel wash ramp is covered in mud and clearly hasn’t been used (this can be seen in one of the images) and in any case trucks are coming off straight into more mud.

We have witnessed that workers are using water and brooms for tidying in the car park, but this will just dilute the mud where it will blow away as dust more quickly.

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