Upcoming Events from Save Leyton Marsh Group

We will have a rolling program for our Saturday protests – one week on the marsh and one of roaming protest to publicise our campaign.

Thursday 3rd May – Save Leyton Marsh Group will be attending the court case of Simon Moore, who as well as being imprisoned was slapped with an ASBO for opposing the destruction of Leyton Marsh. The case is at 1.30pm at Westminster Magistrates Court. A statement from Simon is on the Press Releases page.

Saturday 5th May – Kite-making workshop (theme will be, of course, loving and saving the marsh – weather permitting it’ll be on the marsh).

Friday 1st June – SLMG will be attending the trial of Connor Murray, who pleaded not guilty to breaking Public Order section 14. Come and show your solidarity! Details to follow.

15th October – Reclaim Leyton Marsh!

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