Update: The Real Intimidation Isn’t By Protestors It’s By The Authorities

Apologies to those who have have been waiting for an update on the situation; we have been responding constantly to restrictions and legal threats from the authorities.

Although three people – Simon, Dan and Anita – were sent to prison for being unable to pay a fine dished out to them for peacefully blocking lorries issued under section 14 of the Public Order Act, they have now been named as defendants in the case brought by the ODA.

Despite not being arrested, local resident Rowena is now also a named defendant on the ODA injunction case against any individuals attempting to block lorries originally brought against ‘persons unknown’.

The camp has been served with another eviction notice, this time from Waltham Forest Council, who are also threatening legal action.

Meanwhile, Save Leyton Marsh Group are banned from using council properties such as the local library for ‘legal reasons’. Destruction of the marsh goes on a pace, with tonnes of materials being taken into the site and gravel and concrete being laid on the marsh.

The Lea Valley Regional Authority who offered the land to the ODA are meeting in two days to discuss ‘extending the ice rink’.

We may have been threatened by the ODA’s lawyers with libel too – but all this is true!

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4 Responses to Update: The Real Intimidation Isn’t By Protestors It’s By The Authorities

  1. Lubnu says:

    I thought the land belonged to Lee Valley? Why has Waltham Forest Council served an eviction notice?

    • 1leytonmarshlover says:

      The land the camp were evicted from was Lea Valley but the land they moved to outside the injunction is covered by WF Council.

  2. pedroreyna says:

    Protester has been banned from Olympic site amongst other venues and events:

  3. ponderer says:

    which case brought by the oda? civil or criminal, which act? which injunction (there have been more than one)? who is the “we” exactly who has been banned from using local libraries etc? i appreciate the attempt to share information but details are needed otherwise this makes no sense whatsoever and utterly fails to inform me of anything of use. i not trying to be difficult, i am trying to be useful and support the struggle, it’s just frustrating because i really need the info!!!

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