Update on Decisions by LVRPA re Waterworks

dsc00444The Land and Property Strategy that over two hundred people had asked the Authority Members to oppose passed today, without a vote being taken on the issue, as the Chair argued none was required. Save Lea Marshes spoke powerfully against the Strategy, arguing against the leasing or selling of land to finance leisure facilities, however the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority argued that the Strategy was merely a general ‘approach’ and any details would be decided later.

Before the meeting, Hackney residents who had written to Cll Chris Kennedy, the Hackney representative on the LVRPA, received an email detailing his views on the matter. He supports the new twin-pad ice centre on the site of the existing facility at Leyton Marsh and believes “the Authority should raise some of the money by development at the Waterworks, but only on the footprint of the current visitor centre and the car park to the north. ”

As the Waterworks Centre and car park were built with the explicit justification that they would facilitate access and enjoyment of the Waterworks Nature Reserve, the fact that this area is no longer open space should not be used as an excuse to develop it for commercial ventures. There should be no re-designation of Metropolitan Open Land under the stewardship of the LVRPA.

However, this battle to retain the Waterworks, part of Leyton Marshes, as MOL is far from over. The next crucial event takes place on Thursday 26th January. Next Thursday LVRPA members will meet to make a ‘formal’ response to the Council’s Eastside Vision document, which includes the plan to convert the northern area of the former golf course, the Waterworks centre and car park adjacent to the nature reserve into private housing.

This meeting was due to take place at Walthamstow Town Hall, in the local vicinity, however the Authority have changed the location of the meeting so it will now take place at Myddelton House, in Enfield!

We need as many people to attend this crucial meeting to demonstrate the depth of feeling about the issue. We understand that many people will be working but if you are available, please do make the journey to Myddelton House for the 2pm Authority Meeting.

There will be a SOCIAL BIKE RIDE to the meeting venue. Setting off from Walthamstow Library at 12.30pm. Pace will be gentle – all welcome!

The documents that will be discussed at the meeting are here: http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk/en/content/cms/corporate/about-us/meeting-documents/authority-meetings/

We will have further details soon – please contact us at: leamarshes@gmail.com with any queries.

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  1. gordonp2012 says:

    All support to resisting this privatisation. Particular concern about future of Nature Reserve too.

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