Ive Farm: Proposed Enclosure, Artifice and Cars

Mature trees

Mature trees at Ive Farm

Waltham Forest Council has submitted an application to itself for the redevelopment of Ive Farm sports ground. You can take part in the consultations this week and comment on the applications:

Planning permission is sought to convert Ive Farm into synthetic football pitches – the plans are for fenced astroturf surfaces and a car park (with entrance via Orient Way) and two bridges for cars over the Dagenham Brook: https://planning.walthamforest.gov.uk/…/GFPlanningSearch.pa…

Planning Application No. 163113.

Informal drop-in consultations:

Tuesday 18th October 3pm – 5pm at St Josephs Infants, Marsh Lane E10 7BL

Wednesday 19th October 5pm – 7pm at Score Centre at The Score Centre, 100 Oliver Rd E10 5JY (opposite Orient Football)

Our position is no to artificial pitches and no to a car park. It is Metropolitan Open Land so should not be enclosed for private use.

As one SLM member who took part in one of the previous consultations said:  “Here we have an area of land, that has been closed to the public for a number of years, minding its own business, adjacent to the open spaces of the Lea Valley, which the powers that be want to turn to profitable use.  This will involve spending a large amount of money, cleaning it up, rendering large areas of it totally sterile, including a car park, but with a few token “ecological” areas dotted round the edge. To anyone how has been following the proposals for the development of the Thames Water site on Lea Bridge Road, these proposals for the Ive Farm site will look horribly familiar.”

Although the environmental study recommends: “to enhance the biodiversity value with…the inclusion of wildlife planting, a biodiverse green roof and provision of bird nesting and bat roosting opportunities”, the Planning Statement says that the “social [and economic benefits] outweigh any environmental concerns raised regarding the location.” The area proposed for the car park is currently a wild space. Astro-turf pitches are obviously the worst option for wildlife and have also been linked to cancer and sports injuries.

Please take time to feedback  to the Council the importance of the biodiversity of this 5 hectare naturally green space before it becomes green plastic, floodlit pitches.

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