Hackney Marshes: Planning Committee Meeting

Update: Hackney Planning Committee voted to pass the amendments, including the removal of the condition to reduce vehicle spaces, subject to a Travel Plan for the whole of Hackney Marshes.  The decision means the car park at North Marsh will permanently have 68 spaces for vehicles, rather than being reduced to 58.

A proposal for charging for vehicle parking on the marshes is now under consideration.

A letter from the Open Spaces Society, who supported our position at the public inquiry last year, appeared in the Gazette a few days ago, you can read it here.

We will continue to lobby for sustainable travel and for a reduction in vehicle use across the marshes. It is likely the revised plans will now have to go back to the Planning Inspector.

We have just received news that Hackney Planning Committee will be meeting next week to discuss amendments to the planning permission given. The Council wish to remove the condition to reduce the number of car parking places on North Marsh and electric charging points originally promised and recommended by Transport for London.

Save Lea Marshes and HMUG will be speaking against the plan to remove the condition to reduce the number of car parking places.

Here are the details:

Application Number: 2016/1018

Site Address: Hackney Marshes London E9

Development Description:

Section 73 application to vary conditions 1 (Plans), 5 (Car Park Management), 6 (Cycle Parking), 7 (Accessible Parking), 8 (Travel Plan) and remove conditions 9 (North Marsh Space Reduction) and 10 (Electric Vehicle Charging Points) attached to permission 2014/2582 (Provision of Pavilion Changing Facilities and associated parking provision at North and East Marshes) to convert the approved car park and associated works at East Marsh to soft landscaping, remove the requirements for electric charging points and a reduction in car parking over 5 years at North Marsh and deliver accessible parking spaces at North Marsh, prior to occupation of the approved changing facilities.

The Planning Officer is recommending that Planning Permission be Granted.

The report is likely to be considered at the next Planning Sub-Committee Meeting where a final decision will be taken as to whether to support or reject the recommendation. The details of the meeting are as follows –

Venue: Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, E8 1EA
Date: 27 July 2016
Time: 6.30pm.

How to view the Planning Sub-Committee Agenda:

To view the Planning Sub-committee agenda and the Planning Officer’s report, please visit the Council’s website at www.hackney.gov.uk/council-democracy.htm

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