Please Have Your Say on Hackney Marshes ‘Improvements’


The Hackney Council ‘Hackney Marshes Improvement Survey’ is online. It closes on 9th July so please fill it in as soon as you can.

When filling in the survey, please do not say you travel to the marshes by car as this will be used to justify the construction of car parks on our marsh.

For Q5, please state that you would like the pavilion to be built on the footprint of the present building.

Additionally, for Q7 please ask for guarantees that:

a) the green roof is established and maintained on the proposed building (which has not happened as promised at the Hackney Marshes User Centre) through binding agreements on maintenance that last for several years, not just 1 or 2 yrs.

b) that the precious black poplars adjacent to the building are protected throughout the construction process.

c) that biodiversity is protected and the construction companies involved are made liable for any damage to the environment.

It is important that we make our voices heard, as we successfully did over the events proposed for our marshes, in order to protect our remaining green space.

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