More building on Hackney Marsh

Hackney Council wants to build an enormous new pavilion on top of some of the playing fields on Hackney Marsh.  Here is the plan, showing where the building will be located, near to Cow Bridge and the Middlesex Filter Beds.


To get a clearer idea of just how huge this monstrosity is going to be, some members of Save Lea Marshes measured it out using a few bamboo sticks and hundreds of metres of string.  This is the result.


Why, you might ask, does the Council want to put up a new building on top of playing fields, instead of rebuilding the old dilapidated pavilion that is just next door?  That’s because they want to replace the old pavilion with a spanking new car park!  Clearly the last thing they want is to encourage walking and cycling on the Marshes…

If you would like to check our measurements, you are very welcome to do so.  Here they are.  The scale is 1cm : 10m.  Click on the plan to magnify it.


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