Future of Marshes As Open Green Spaces Under Attack in Both Boroughs

Please take some time to have a look at the proposals Hackney Council have to turn Hackney Marshes into an ‘event space’ for four months every year, between 1st May and 31st August.

Please sign our petition against the proposals here

You can download this poster against the plans for your Marshes under threat-5

You can also have your say through this PINS survey

There is considerable information on the proposals from Hackney Marshes Users Group and statements from Birbeck Orient Football Club and Stoke Newington Cricket Club

The proposals are based on last year’s Hackney Weekender on the marshes during which time all public access to the marshes was blocked and thousands of pounds of damage was done to this precious green space, including compacting and scarring by heavy vehicles serving the festival. There is a significant file of evidence relating to the damage caused on the HMUG webpage.

Local football clubs have already suffered the loss of their historic football pitches on East Marsh which was requisitioned for the Olympics (and to date has not been restored). Their season has been adversely affected by the damage to incurred 23 pitches, already under strain due to loss of 11 pitches at East Marsh. The cricket season was completely called off due to the damage incurred.

‘Drop in’ events will take place about the proposals on

Wednesday 17 April, 4pm to 8pm

Hackney Marshes Centre, Hackney Marshes, Homerton Road, E9 5PF

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