Simon Moore arrested for allegedly breaching the terms of his Olympic ASBO!

We have just heard that Simon Moore has today been arrested in Windsor for allegedly breaching the terms of his Olympic Asbo.

Simon Moore, who is a great friend of Save Leyton Marsh, was part of a group of people trying to set up a self-sufficient eco-village on unused land that is part of the Crown Estate.

Simon was apparently arrested for breaching the terms of the Anti-Social Behaviour Order he received on release from prison for peaceful protest in defence of Leyton Marsh. One of the terms of his ASBO is that he can be arrested and potentially face up to 5 years in prison for entering any land without the express permission of the owners, and it would seem that this is what has been used against him today.

We re unsure as to where Simon is currently being held but would urge anyone with any information to his current whereabouts to get in touch with us at, tweet us @LeytonMarsh or leave a comment on this page.

Details are currently a bit sketchy but more information can be found on London Indymedia at and

Save Leyton Marsh group sends solidarity wishes to Simon and all those in Windsor attempting to build community and create alternative and more sustainable ways of living.

*********UPDATE: Simon will appear at Guildford Magistrates Court this morning (12 June 2012).

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