URGENT: Make Objection to Unreasonable Extension of Working Hours on Leyton Marsh Construction Site

It has come to our attention that once again a ‘non-material amendment’ has been submitted to Waltham Forest Council; this time an attempt to sneak though an extension to the working hours on the construction site at Leyton Marsh.

Presently, working hours are as follows:

08.30 until 18.00 Monday to Friday

08.30 until 13.00 on Saturday

No working on Sunday at all

The amendment seeks to extend the working hours:

Until 22.00 EVERY WEEK DAY!

Until 18.00 on Saturday

From 10.00 until 18.00 on Sunday!

This is obviously a material change in the hours which would adversely affect residents and users of the marsh who were promised reasonable working hours so as to minimise disturbance and noise from the construction.

There have already been several instances of out-of-hours noise nuisance from the site, particularly hammering and sawing in the Ancillary Building nearest Riverside Close – this is an extremely lightweight structure with fabric roof and minimal sound insulation.

We believe a decision on this matter should only be made by the Planning Committee – who approved the original application based on the assurance that working hours would be strictly limited and secured by Planning Condition.  A Non-material Amendment application deprives nearby residents and users of the land of the chance to comment on the application – or even knowing about it – though the outcome affects them greatly.

Under the Town and Country Planning Act Section 73 a full application for Variation of Condition should be submitted which allows for normal consultation and publicity requirements. This should be upheld.

In addition, the applicant ‘London 2012’ has no demonstrable legal interest in the land – meaning they are not entitled to submit this type of application. In light of the previous unlawful approval regarding the extension of depth of excavation, and the Judicial Review of the original application, further unlawful non-material amendments should not be accepted.

Don’t want to face further nuisance, noise and hazard as a result of this needless and unwanted construction?

Make sure you write immediately to:



and copy to:



Outlining the points above.

Please do this as soon as you can since we have reason to believe permission will be hastily granted after the bank holiday!

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  1. 1leytonmarshlover says:

    The same working hours caused serious disturbance to the residents at Lea Bank Sq. who are also directly opposite an Olympic development: http://www.gamesmonitor.org.uk/node/645

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