Legendary Athlete John Carlos signs Save Leyton Marsh petition!

John Carlos signs the Save Leyton Marsh petition

(c) Kevin Blowe
Last night the legendary Olympic athlete John Carlos spoke at Stratford Picturehouse about his life of principled resistance. He described how his whole life led to the historic moment on the podium in 1968 when he raised his fist in the Black Power salute as part of the Olympic Project for Human Rights. Inspirationally, he described meeting with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. All these great people had been described as ‘troublemakers’ so he too, was proud of that label. A member of Save Leyton Marsh Group gave a short speech about the campaign and asked John Carlos what present struggles inspired him. He replied that he based his opinion on one factor only – whether something was right. he volunteered that if our petition was right, he would sign it and was true to his word after the meeting!

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