Save Leyton Marsh Protest

Report on yesterday’s Enough is Enough protest on Leyton Marsh against contamination is on our Press Releases page.

Saturday 26th May – Save Leyton Marsh Group present:

‘Enough is Enough’ Protest

at Leyton Marsh from 2pm

We will be there to inform visitors to the marsh about the damage being done to what was once our common land and is now a toxic blight on the landscape.

We will be highlighting key environmental issues relating to the site and carrying our our own community litter pick on the marshes. We will also be collecting signatures for our SLM PETITION which is available for download.

This is a peaceful protest and all visitors are reminded that there is an injunction prohibiting people from obstructing access to the site or inciting others to do so. There will be no attempt at breaking the injunction, copies of which are posted around the site.

Our campaign is ongoing and we feel our duty now is to not only monitor the site and lobby for its reclamation after 15th October, but also to keep ourselves, our neighbours and our communities informed of the machinations of all parties involved in the destruction of this site: the Olympic Delivery Authority, Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, London Borough of Waltham Forest et al.

This protest has been lent serious weight by the EA’s admission to local MP Stella Creasy that “the waste soil pile will need to be treated as hazardous waste”. Piles of rubble have been on site for 11 weeks without any warnings being posted for residents or passers-by who could have inhaled poisonous asbestos. Even when the piles have been covered, this cover up has been done ineffectively and tarpaulin has been blown off or has not covered the entire mounds.

The shocking letter from the EA can be found here and the asbestos report can be downloaded here

The leaflet for the demo is available for download Enough is enough 2

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