Green Party Visit Leyton Marsh

Caroline Allen from the Green Party

Caroline Allen, Green Party candidate for North East London, visited Leyton Marsh on Friday 27th April to witness the destruction of Leyton Marsh.

She was joined by other members of the Green Party and local residents from Save Leyton Marsh Group who explained the history of the campaign. Caroline is pictured here in front of the planning permission granted by Waltham Forest which states that the permission went against 15 existing planning policies and was a ‘finely balanced’ decision that acknowledged the harm to the amenity. Just behind her you can see high court enforcement officers who were filming everyone who entered the public space of Leyton Marsh, including Caroline and the other Green Party members. All except one officer had his face covered by a hood or had pulled up his coat over his face!

Caroline was shocked by the nature of the permission granted and even more so by the huge mounds of rubble on the south of the site. She could see for herself the composition of the mounds included brickwork and metal as the plastic covering only covers part of the mounds. She noted down information about the discovery of asbestos and lead in the soil and our serious concern with the health and safety implications of this.

She will be sharing this information with Jenny Jones, the mayoral candidate for the Green Party who had wanted to attend but had been unable to due to prior commitments.

We are glad that our electoral candidates and elected representatives are taking up the case of Leyton Marsh. We look forward to working with people across the political spectrum in making sure that the site is restored to its ‘original condition’ by 15th October as repeatedly promised by the LVRPA and the ODA.

Carolines personal report of her visit and her feelings about the marsh and the basketball courts can be read here:

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