The Leyton Marsh Cover Up

Some questions:
1) If the rubble is of a toxic nature and therefore necessitates this covering, why has it taken the authorities four weeks to cover it?

2) Why were no plans in place for the safe removal of this rubble?

3) When will these rubble piles be removed from site?

What we know:

1) The ODA have admitted to finding asbestos cement (chrysotile) in the soil. The serious and potentially fatal effects of asbestos are detailed here. The ODA have also admitted that discovery of this substance briefly ‘suspended work on site’.

2) They have also admitted to the Environment Agency that ‘elevated heavy metals’ have been discovered in the ground. One of these is presumably lead, high levels of which were found in 2 of the 5 samples taken before work was undertaken. The effects of lead poisoning can be found here.

3) Furthermore, the ODA have admitted that in the sampling of just two small stockpiles numerous small fragments of asbestos cement sheet were noted.   The stockpiles overall comprised of ‘predominantly granular soils, with fragments of ash, clinker, rusted metal, brick, concrete and other inclusions’.

4) The ODA are planning to ‘re-use’ this ‘retained material’ and ‘cover it with topsoil’ and then seed/ re-turf this soil!

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2 Responses to The Leyton Marsh Cover Up

  1. Tom Williams says:

    Legacy : we will leave it exactly the way we found it (if this means polluted subsoil slowly leaching heavy metals into the water system then so be it)

  2. elaine4queen says:

    makes me wonder if they look at their own documentation. presumably marshes don’t want building on, but they can be drained… why was this land left fallow in the first place, could it be that there were REASONS beyond the provision of green space?

    i’m just wondering because my dad is currently in dialogue with his local council because people are building on top of an enclosed river which runs down the bottom of his garden and people are building AND DIGGING there. there have been floods. most people are unaware of the river or planning issues arising from it.

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