Protestors are forcibly evicted trying to stop lorries and save the marsh

Bailiffs were on site from 7.30am this morning. At 9.33am bailiffs moved to the camp where they ordered that campers leave their peaceful protest or would be removed by force. Most did so, but some remained in order to demonstrate that they were not leaving voluntarily.

Some protestors were arrested trying to block a lorry entering the site under section 14 for a ‘breach of the peace’ and ‘intimidation of workers’; the workers at this time were in the compound more than 25m away (and were overheard saying they were just about to have a cup of tea) whilst the protestors were on the floor in front of the lorry surrounded by around 50 private security and policemen.

Work has resumed on site and soil continues to be excavated and moved, despite our very real concerns about possible contamination.

The campaign continues and we will be challenging their breaches of the planning regulations and treatment of peaceful protestors in court.

Some revealing photos of today’s events can be found here

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2 Responses to Protestors are forcibly evicted trying to stop lorries and save the marsh

  1. pedroreyna says:

    Blimey! I really don’t understand when we talk about democracy in the UK. Our rights are being supressed, our access to justice can only be granted if we have money and respect for the law is not being observed by those who rule. This is a real shame. I wish I was at Leyton Marsh Right now.

    • jay1 says:

      so do i…another worthy cause disregarded… real democracy=a government for the people…maybe some overseas force should come and take out our government for us?! (for the record im not a terrorist and i am not inciting anything)
      i believe in love…we will find a way to make them listen…dont be too discouraged about today…keep fighting the good fight….1<3

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