Statement: Granting of injunctions by the High Court

We are disappointed with the injunctions granted today and yesterday, especially as so many questions remain unanswered including why work has been allowed to continue despite the discovery of asbestos and other health and safety hazards on site. However, we are relieved that the judge has upheld our right to peacefully protest, enabling us to display banners and continue to run our website.

It must be pointed out that any camp on Leyton Marsh is there with the support of local people unlike the basketball facility. Unlike the construction, the tents do not cause long-term damage to the site nor prevent people from accessing the land. Around 70% of Porter’s Field Meadow is inaccessible due the construction but this was not considered in the judgement against a small number of people camped in tents who after all are there to protect and not destroy the land.

We welcome the support of our local councillors including Ian Rathbone who said: ” the ODA have broken the law, and they realise they’ve got caught out, I just think they are rude and arrogant walking over local people.”

We are disappointed that the ODA resorted to allegations of harrassment, intimidation and even assault throughout the hearing in order to support the injunction application. If there is any sound basis for these assertions they should have been reported to the police and investigated, which has never happened despite their frequent presence on site. In reality relations with the contractors at Leyton Marsh have been friendly with many expressing support for our cause, one even saying “this is the greenest space I have ever worked on. I think it’s a shame”.

We will continue to campaign to save our marsh, to protect the marsh habitat and safeguard the health and safety of all despite the legal threats against us.

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  1. ponderer says:

    you are doing a great thing here, you’ve got them in a right panic, please don’t give up! the marshes need you. i am not well enough to do much of use but you have my support nonetheless, for what it’s worth, you have it big time!

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