London Live Interview with Abigail Woodman of SLM

Thousands oppose marshland ‘housing zone’


Hackney Council criticised for spending £40k on spraying pavements with glyphosate

Hackney Council Slammed over £40k pesticide bill to spray ‘weedfree’ pavements


Waltham Forest Guardian: Savage Mowing killing wildlife on Walthamstow Marshes

Hackney Gazette: Put Hackney on the Map with world’s largest edible park urge campaigners


Hackney Citizen: Marshroots art attack is the latest weapon to save green space

Hackney Gazette: East Marsh fiasco a ‘right mess’ as Hackney Council withdraws planning application

Hackney Citizen: East Marsh car park pulled from planning agenda at eleventh hour

Hackney Gazette: Screening of film about how Olympics affected Hackney Marshes

Hackney Citizen: Leader – Save Lea Marshes’ suspicions well founded

Hackney Citizen: Save Lea Marshes campaigners warn of car park threat to green space


March on Marshes demands protection of  green lung

Loving Dalston: Go on a day out and help save an East London asset

Hackney Gazette: Campaigners fury at corrupt Council stitch up over third marsh car park

Daily Star: London 2012 Olympic Games leaves toxic legacy

Hackney Gazette: Campaigners slam council over plans to build on Hackney Marshes

JULY 2013

Waltham Forest Guardian: Thousands of dead fish a toxic legacy for polluted Lea river

Loving Dalston: Under-used NE London? Not in these schemes!

Hackney Gazette: Thousands of dead fish in Hackney as river Lea is on its last gasp

Waltham Forest Guardian: Ponytrekking ‘excludes public from green space’

Hackney Gazette: “Free” Radio 1 Concert Cost Hackney Residents £750k

Waltham Forest Guardian: Campaigners ignored over key planning decisions

JUNE 2013

Hackney Weekend pop gig made no money for Council

Waltham Forest Guardian: Calls for London’s first organic golf course in place of proposed campsite in Leyton

The E-List Walthamstow (June): Walthamstow Diary (Beating of the Bounds on Leyton Marshes)

MAY 2013

Hackney Gazette: Hackney Council climb down over marsh proposals

Hackney Citizen: Town Hall scraps plans for music gigs on Marshes after outcry

East London Lines: No blanket permission for summer events on Hackney Marshes

Waltham Forest Guardian: Opposition to camp development and loss of green space

Hackney Citizen: Pop Music Events Endangering Legacy of Hackney Marshes

Ancient Tradition Marches on Successfully on Leyton Marshes

Walthamstow Diary: The Marsh

Hackney Gazette: Sports Council England Blasts Hackney Council’s Plans to Stage Marsh Festivals

APRIL 2013

Hackney Gazette: Save Lea Marshes Group slams Hackney Council for sham consultation

MARCH 2013

Waltham Forest Guardian: Campaigners’ last stand against bridge that could destroy Marsh Lane playing fields

Hackney Citizen: Uproar over council’s plans for Hackney Marshes’ land grab

East London Lines: Campaigning Residents launch petition against ‘significantly damaging events’ being held on Hackney Marshes

Games Monitor: Leyton Marsh, Malice and the Prosecution of Mike Wells

Waltham Forest Guardian: Campaigners say new bridge will destroy Marsh Lane Playing Fields

Hackney Citizen: Marshes are money-maker say Hackney Council

Hackney Gazette: Plans for more Marsh events met with furore


Hackney Gazette: Olympic Chiefs Accused of Meanness as Conditions Attached to Legacy Funding

Waltham Forest Guardian: Marsh used as Olympic site now rotting


Hackney Gazette: Hackney man cleared of Olympic attack raps legal system

Waltham Forest Independant: Cold shoulder for rink on Olympic site

Waltham Forest Guardian: Former Olympic Site at Leyton Marsh ruled out by the LVRPA

Hackney Citizen: the year that was

Occupy News Network: Leyton Marsh under threat again!

Waltham Forest Guardian: Leyton Marsh being considered for new ice rink

Hackney Gazette: Campaigners’ anger at proposal for expanded ice rink on protected land


Archipelago of Truth: Campaign of the year


W F Guardian: Concern over electricity works on marshes

W F Guardian: Marsh restoration a ‘tragic mess’

Sustainable Hackney: East Marsh restoration begins

Hackney Citizen: Campaigners fear post-Olympic ‘toxic legacy’

Millfields: Meeting to discuss the future of our marshes

Games Monitor: Leyton Marsh Open Invitation to ‘Marshes Unite’ strategy day

Waltham Forest Guardian: Save Leyton Marsh campaigners to hold meeting

Counter Olympics Network: Save Leyton Marsh looks to the future – Meeting 4th November

OCTOBER In Britain, Austerity and Arrests as Government Curbs Right to Protest

Caroline Allen: Why Green Space Matters and How to Protect It

Games Monitor: Sustaining, supporting and reviewing communities

London Green Party: Celebrations as Leyton Marsh returned to community

Hackney Gazette: Fury over Olympic handover delay

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Olympic bosses break promise on marsh restoration

Archipelago of Truth: ODA and Lea Valley Park Authority fail to restore Leyton Marsh

The Hackney Post: Authorities refuse to hand back Olympic land

Occupy News Network: Leyton Marsh Celebration – A Marshroots Movement

Occupy News Network: Leyton Marshes hand over for public use delayed.

BBC News: ‘Olympic’ park still closed to residents

London Life: The Angel of the Lee Valley Returns

Hackney Gazette: Olympic site “bomb” was rusty pipe


Hackney Gazette: Olympic bosses “jumped gun” on dumping at Leyton Marsh

WF Guardian: Fears marsh could face future building work


Demotix: End Poverty Torch alternative relay protests to 2012 London Olympics

CNN: Staying out in the cold: Olympic killjoys?

Hackney Gazette, Thursday August 2nd, 2012

Public Services Europe: The darker side of the London 2012 Olympics – an activist’s view

The Guardian: Comment is free: London 2012 protests: heavy-handed policing is an affront to rights


Corporate Watch: The real environmental impacts of holding the Olympics in East London

FT.Com: Letters: Censorship subverts Olympic ideals

the racontourist: Nolympics

Foggy Saphires: Complete control/Working for the clampdown

Waltham Forest Guardian: Save Leyton Marsh campaigners plan to appeal against legal costs over Olympic training centre judicial review

Carnegie Community Action Project: Vancouver Poverty Olympics torch relay reaches London England in 2012

Counter Olympics Network: Counter Olympics Torch Relay – 2nd Leg – Hackney: Clissold Park to Leyton Marsh

Danny Bates: Is Another Olympics Possible?

Positive Politics Podcasts: Sport and the Olympics (feat. SLM)

Games Monitor: Basketball Athlete, Carl Miller, Supports Leyton Marsh Children

Dissident Radio: Olympics special feat. Save Leyton Marsh Group

Huffington Post: Olympics: The Legacy We Fear

Red Pepper: Policing dissent at London 2012

Games Monitor: The Juggernaut rolls on – Olympic Autocracy at Leyton Marsh

Archipelago of Truth: Thoughts on fundraising to pay legal bills in a failed local democracy

Waltham Forest Guardian: Save Leyton Marsh group left with £20,000 bill after losing judicial review over Olympic basketball court

Margaret Gordon, Labour Councillor for Springfield: Save Leyton Marsh

The American Londoner: Five Things About The Olympics That Will Sodden Your Sporting Spirit

The Oxford Student: Playing Games with our future

Hackney Citizen: London 2012: the Games and its discontents

Lives; running: The Anti-Olympic Poverty Torch relay – care to join me for a run?

Lives; running: Reasons to demonstrate on July 28; number 5: the loss of green spaces

Waltham Forest Guardian: Save Leyton Marshes campaign group send a team to “Austerity Games”

PressTV: Is the Militarization of the London Olympics increasing safety?

The Racket: Protesting the Olympics

Vice: Hunting for the Olympics River Monster

Mobilise, Transform: Community Bill of Rights

The Olympics should be radicalised: Like Stonehenge’s Summer Solistice

Local heroes: unheard voices of the Olympics

Hackney Green Party: Green Candidate visits Olympic Site on Leyton Marsh

Channel 4 Conflate Terrorism with Peaceful Protest at the 2012 Olympics


Freedom: The brutal truth about the London Olympics

Mondaq: They Protesteth Too Much: Construction Sites And Protesters

Occupied Times: Leyton Marsh Protestor Issued With Two Year ASBO

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTONSTONE / WANSTEAD: Concern over dispersal zone

London Indymedia: Defend Our Right to Protest – Report back from public meeting

Occupymeditation: 26 June – Save Leyton Marsh and exploring community building

Random Blowe: We Are All Simon Moore

PressTV: Activists to rally against UK’s assault on right to protest

Waging NonViolence: Londoners organize as the Olympics swallows their Communities

Random Blowe: Welcome To The Security Games

Waltham Forest Trades Council: Olympic Fallout

Waltham Forest Guardian: Review Launched into Approval of Olympic Site

New Internationalist: Soldiers, security and sleeping in sheds – London’s Olympic Reality

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Olympic protester’s ASBO extended by two years Statement of Solidarity with Simon Moore

Defend the right to Protest: Full two year ASBO imposed on Simon Moore for peaceful protest

BBC London: London 2012: Protester’s banning order extended

Braintree and Witham News: Braintree: Enforcement officers evict London protesters

TNT Magazine: London focus: Protesters speak out against Olympic Games

lives; running: We are all Simon Moore

lives; running: Simon Moore: ASBO decision

Indymedia London: Olympic Asbo Judgement

The Taxman: I’m sure I can find plenty of publicly accessible spaces in and around the Olympic Park

From The Guardian, letters page. 14 June 2012

The Guardian: letters: Sheep, chickens and the Tor – but where are The Wurzels

lives; running: Simon Moore speaks

Indymedia London: Court Hearing for Olympic ASBO

Defend the Right to Protest: Solidarity Call out on behalf of Save Leyton Marsh Group

lives; running: Simon Moore: an update

Indymedia: Update! Olympic ASBO arrest Released!!!

Indymedia London: Olympic ASBO arrest @ Windsor Eco village

Indymedia London: pre-injunction served on windsor eco-occupation

Archipelago of Truth: Hendrix avoids dying in a pool of vomit

The Lawyer: Pooling Talent

The Marshman Chronicles: Trouble on Hackney & Walthamstow Marshes: Here Come the Lumpit Games 2012

Five Ring Circus: the London 2012 experience

Random Blowe: Today’s People’s Picnic on Wanstead Flats

The Socialist: Them and Us

Time: Occupy Olympics: Why Protesters Want to Disrupt the London Games

Lives running: The neo-liberal Games

Occupy Law UK: Why it’s not enough to protest – we need to build new legal structures for the 99%

East London Lines: The word on the words: EastLondonLines at day 2 of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival

Olympic Games: Police Plan Pre-emptive Arrests to Stop Disruption

The Occupied Times: Olympic U-turn


Newsjiffy: Save #Leyton Marsh benefit on July 31

Archipelago of Truth: Leyton Marsh Laugh

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Plants blamed for dogs’ poisoning

Hackney Gazette: Olympic Chiefs Accused of Playing Fast and Loose with Health and Safety of Residents

Games Monitor: drop in, tune out

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Probe into “poisoning” on Olympic land claim

Poodles and Pompadours: Save Leyton Marsh: Dog Taken Ill After Being Chemically Poisoned After Walk At Olympics Site

Lives; Running: Today I am blogging in solidarity with…

Private Eye: Rotten Boroughs ‘Bad ODA’

Caroline Allen, Green Party: More Green Space Lost to the Olympics

Leader Hackney Citizen: there is more than one Games Monitor

The Next Layer: Save Leyton Marshes

Angel of the Lea Valley to Return to Leyton Marsh

The Metro: Photographers fighting back against excessive security for the Olympics

#M12 The Evolution of A Movement

Londonist: Occupy Finsbury Square Served Eviction Notice

The Upcoming: Olympic sculpture gets cool reception

Financial Times: Protesters plan to target Olympics

Iain Sinclair: The Olympics Scam

SchNEWS: Crap ASBO of the Week

Beecholme and Environs: Marsh basketball Q’s answered by ODA

Open Dalston: “Imagine that”. When the unthinkable becomes the reality. Leyton Marsh

RandomPottins: Roughed up then cuffed. Olympic trial run?

Socialist Worker Online: Olympic cops arrest blogger

Lives; running: Save Leyton Marsh: Mike Wells freed on bail

Peace News: We are all being ASBO’d

Legal Cheek: Berwin Leighton Paisner Trainee Posed as Evening Standard Journalist To Obtain Info In Olympics Dispute, Say Protesters

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Solicitor reported by Olympics protesters

Tom Hickman: Freedom of Expression and the Olympics

BBC News: Protester barred from all Jubilee and Games events

A World to Win: Olympic Clampdown Takes Sinister Turn

The Lawyer: Olympic Rights and Wrongs

The Occupied Times: Leyton Marsh Community Rights vs The Corporate State

Indymedia: Criminal Neglect at Leyton Marsh

Caroline Allen for a Green London: Save Leyton Marsh from Olympic bullying

Waltham Forest Guardian: Protestors March Against marshes development


A World to Win: Olympics clampdown takes sinister turn

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Campaigners to march over marshes development

Hackney Citizen: An Olympic legacy for Hackney

Games Monitor: Olympic Chiefs Flout Legal Principle By Threatening Citizen Journalist

Hackney Citizen: An Olympic Legacy for Hackney

Hackney Citizen: Angel of Lee Valley Artist Supports Leyton Marsh Protestors

The Independent:  Judge told of Olympics basketball site ‘asbestos’

Irish Examiner: UK judge told of Olympic site asbestos

Camp In London: Save Leyton Marsh from Olympic Disaster

BBC: London 2012: Leyton Marsh protest order renewed

The Guardian: London 2012: protesters urged to keep away from Olympic torch relay

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Marshes protesters lose High Court battle

The Independent: Judge told of Olympics basketball site ‘asbestos’

BBC NEWS: London 2012: Leyton Marsh protest order renewed

BBC London News: view from 7mins in

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Marshes protesters to contest injunction

Games Monitor: Olympic Chiefs Flout legal Principle by Threatening Citizen Journalist

Anorak: Olympic ASBOs are more Beijing than London

Law, less ordinary: Olympic ASBO issued

Random Blowe: ASBOs Are Latest Weapon Against Olympics Dissent

The Guardian: Protester receives Olympics asbo

Inside the games: Six arrested at Olympic basketball centre protest camp

Press TV: UK police arrest six occupy protesters

Occupy to Save Leyton Marshes: Local Environmental Destruction in the name of London’s Olympic Legacy

London Olympics 2012: An Opportunity to Cleanse the City?

Indymedia: Report of Yesterday’s Protest, Eviction and Arrests

Washington Post: UK police arrest 4 people while evicting London Olympic site protesters

East London Lines: Leyton Marsh Occupy protestors jailed, fined

Hackney Citizen: Four Arrested as Olympic protestors evicted from Leyton Marsh

Construction Enquirer: Arrests as Olympic protesters evicted

Indymedia: Leyton Marsh Resistance

The Guardian: Police arrest six at east London Olympic facility protest camp

BBC London: London 2012: Charges over Leyton Marsh venue protest

BBC London: Leyton Marsh basketball venue eviction

Waltham Forest Guardian: Police arrest Marshes protestors

Independant OnLine: UK police evict Olympic protesters

Evening Standard: Games basketball site protesters could face eviction

N.B. This report contains inaccuracies and false information. We are demanding a retraction of parts of this report and an apology from the Evening Standard.

New Internationalist: Occupy the Marsh

London24: Olympics protesters lose legal fight over camp at basketball site

The Independent: Order gives go ahead for Olympic basketball protest camp eviction

Waltham Forest Guardian: Marshes eviction a ‘travesty of justice’

The Occupied times: Leyton Marsh Judge has Olympic tickets for……wait for it…..Basketball!

Games Monitor: Leyton Marsh: It’s a joke to a judge

BBC London News: London 2012: Basketball venue protesters face eviction

Construction Enquirer: Olympic builders “harassed” by protesters

London Evening Standard: Games chiefs win injunction on basketball site protest

Press Association: Judge acts on Olympic venue protest

Hackney Citizen: Judges grant Olympic bosses injunction against Leyton Marsh protestors

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Marshes protesters cannot block construction, rules High Court

BBC News – London 2012: Order to limit basketball venue protest

Hackney Gazette: Olympic chiefs take Occupy protestors to court – but they are the ones who have broken planning law

Archipelago of Truth: Legal Devlopments at Leyton Marsh Protest

Waltham forest Guardian: Leyton: Marshes protesters served with eviction orders

Demotix: Occupy protesters threatened with arrest at Olympic building site

The Young Londoner: “I don’t see what Leyton’s got out of (the Olympics)”

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Marshes protesters could be evicted

Indymedia: Legal assault on Save Leyton Marsh Camp/aign

Hackney Citizen: Buitekant and the Olympic beast

BBC News: Protesters occupy Olympics training site on Leyton Marsh

Hackney Citizen: Campaigners occupy Leyton Marshes to protest Olympic development


Games Monitor: Assistant Police Commissioner and “Civil Servant” Visit Peaceful non-cooperation Camp on Leyton Marshes

Robinhoodgarden blog: Save Leyton Marsh

Morning Star Online: Protesters look to save Leyton Marsh from London Olympics

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: LEYTON: Protesters halt works at Olympic site

Indymedia UK: Leyton Marsh Camp update

ITV News: Olympic Protests

EastLondonLines: Occupy halt Olympic work on Leyton Marshes

The Independent: The protest Games: demonstrators target Olympics

Waltham Forest Civic Society: Leyton Marsh Battle

Open Democracy: Our Olympics: a case for reclaiming the London 2012 games

Construction Enquirer: Olympic protest camp grows as construction halted

Earth First: Save Leyton Marsh Camp & Boules stop work

Occupy London: 7pm today – Occupy London Roving General Assembly at Leyton Marsh

The Lea Valley Walk by Leigh Hatts: St Paul’s protesters on Lea Valley path

Peoples Republic of Southwark: Save Leyton Marsh. Milena reports from last week’s protest at Leyton Marsh.

Open Democracy: Our Olympics: a case for reclaiming the London 2012 games

Solidarity Federation: Save Leyton Marsh – Update

Morning Star: Protestors look to save Leyton Marsh from London Olympics

Waltham Forest Guardian: Protestors Halt Work At Olympic Site

Archipelago of Truth: Lea Valley Park Authority feeling the pressure?

East london Lines: Occupy halt Olympic work on Leyton Marshes

Construction Enquirer: Olympic protest camp grows as construction halted

The Independant: The protest games: demonstrators target Olympics

London Indymedia: Leyton Marsh Camp Update

Labour: Occupy protestors must leave Olympic site immediately – Jowell

LBC: Occupy move in on Leyton Marsh Olympic Protest

The Independant: Occupy activists camp on Olympic site

Evening Standard: Occupy activist threatens Olympics with ‘greatest act of disobedience’

International Business Times: London 2012 Olympic Games: Occupy Protesters Join Leyton Marsh Activists in Basketball Arena Fight

Gulf Times: Protest Camp halts Olympics site work

Express: St. Pauls mob threaten Olympics

City A.M.:Now activists target Olympic basketball site

BBC News: London 2012: Occupy protesters halt Leyton Marsh work

London Indymedia: Occupation on Leyton Marsh

Construction Enquirer: Anti-capitalist demonstrators occupy Olympic building site

Games Monitor: Peaceful Non-cooperation Halts Work on Olympic Site

Evening Standard: St Paul’s protesters set up new camp on London Olympics site

Indymedia: Save Leyton Marsh – Update

Waltham forest Guardian:  Occupy protest blocks 2012 build on Leyton Marshes

Hackney Gazette: Lorries blocked on Leyton Marsh

Hackney Gazette: Bombs put lives at risk, not banners: Hackney councillor raises safety concerns over Olympic site bomb

Hackney Gazette: Bombs put lives at risk, not banners: Hackney councillor raises safety concerns over Olympic site bomb.

Hackney Gazette: Lorries blocked on Leyton Marsh

Waltham Forest Guardian: Occupy protest blocks 2012 build

My London Diary: Leyton Marsh Olympic Protest

Demotix: On Saturday 24th Occupy March

Socialist worker Coverage

London Indymedia: Save Leyton Marsh – update

The Telegraph: London 2012 Olympics: bomb discovered at games training venue

The Sun on the Bomb

Huffington Post: Nazi Bomb Brings Construction To A Halt

Hackney Gazette Bomb coverage

Random Blowe: Yesterday’s Save Leyton Marsh Rally

Hackney Gazette Second Rally

London Indymedia: Don’t be harsh save our marsh

Hackney Gazette Fist Rally

Newsjiffy: Olympics centre approved on Leyton Marshes despite local opposition

Hackney Citizen: Campaigners lose battle to keep Paralympics basketball courts off Leyton Marsh

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Anger as Olympic centre on green space approved

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Residents’ anger over Olympics marshes plan

Waltham Forest Guardian: LEYTON: Olympic chiefs bid to build sports hall on marsh land

Waltham Forest Guardian: Meeting to be held to consider Olympic Games sports hall on Leyton Marshes

BBC:  London 2012: Residents oppose basketball centre plans

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