Pre-application Planning Consultation: Secure facility for children on East London Waterworks site

In 2019, Waltham Forest Council refused plans to develop the Thames Water Depot site (opposite Lee Valley Ice Centre) on Lea Bridge Road for schools, due to the site’s status as Metropolitan Open Land.

It has now been announced that several London boroughs, using funding from the Department for Education, are planning to build a ‘new secure children’s home’ on this site.

There is already a developed community plan by East London Waterworks Park to wild it, create swimming ponds from the old filter bed structures, and restore the heritage buildings that survive from the Lea Bridge Waterworks era. The plan for the park also includes a forest school, where people of all ages can learn about our natural world. Last year the charity raised well over half a million pounds towards buying the land. Only this community vision for the former East London Waterworks site is consistent with its status and the objectives of the Lea Valley Park, of which it is a part. Once part of historic Leyton Marshes, creating the park will restore this land to open public access, and reconnect the marshes of the lower Lee Valley.

There is a pre-planning consultation at Lee Valley Ice Centre on Wednesday 7 February from 3pm to 8pm. We encourage all our supporters to attend and oppose the plans.

You can also fill in the developer’s feedback form stating your opposition to the proposal, design and loss of our open protected land.

East London Waterworks site map showing areas of the park planned for swimming ponds and habitats overlaid with red line denoting planned development site for the facility
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