Crowdfunder Launched to Re-wild the Waterworks Meadow

Save Lea Marshes are excited to announce that in the last few days Caroline has launched a crowdfunder on behalf of the group in order to re-wild the Waterworks Meadow!

You can read all about this exciting project here:

All funds raised will be received into the Save Lea Marshes bank account and will go directly to 5 independent ecologists.

We would like to introduce our experts to you:

Annie Chipchase

“My interest in the natural environment and urban ecology was spurred by plants and botany has been a major feature in my paid and voluntary work for 30 years. My work has been concentrated in London where I have carried out habitat surveys for the GLA, for a consultancy and on a freelance basis. The vegetation of our cities is what make them liveable and never fails to surprise me.”

Rob Sheldon:

Rob will be carrying out ornithological surveys of the whole Waterworks area and will also be responsible for a professional collation of the report findings.

“I’ve been involved in bird surveys and research work for almost 30 years. After 12 years working with the RSPB and several years working in the Middle East, I’ve been working as a freelance conservation consultant since 2014. I’ll be undertaking surveys of breeding and non-breeding birds as well as assessing the potential for habitat management to attract new bird species.”

Russell Miller

Many of you will know Russell from his amazing work locally with the Tree Musketeers.

Here’s Russell’s introduction: “I’ve been an arboriculturalist and ecologist for 20 years and have lived in Hackney for 30 years. I will be surveying for invertebrates especially native bees. Invertebrates are extremely diverse and usually overlooked. Many nationally scarce or even rare species may occur on the Meadow because of its mosaic of habitats including: old trees, deadwood, open water, bare sandy ground, scrub and open grassland.”

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