30 Days of Delightful Poetic Musings

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Written over 30 consecutive days in April 2013 for National Poetry Writing Month, local author XYZ has produced an enchanting series of ponderings on space and time composed whilst walking through the marshes.

The poetry in this compilation reflects the euphoria of witnessing the natural exuberance of the first stirrings of spring. What makes it unique is the way it weaves into these sensations a mystical contemplation of the scientific fact underlying each beautiful sighting.

Some of the poems trace their imaginings back from familiar marsh sightings – swans on the river Lea, night trains through Walthamstow Marshes, common garden birds, honey bees and majestic comorants. An example is this favourite of mine which is an evocative reflection on witnessing a comorant emerge from our polluted river:
















Other poems are more abstract in nature, exploring the mysteries of time, black holes and mind bending aspects of cosmology.

Poems such as Kepler 62-F and Higgs Boson artfully express some personal grief that lurks beneath each contemplation of the rational world, just like the bird underneath the water.

Each poem has been originally illustrated via digital manipulation of vintage paper ephemera to delightful effect. Whilst absorbing yourself in the depth and beauty of the imagery in this pocket book of poetry, you can also expand your scientific knowledge through the comprehensive notes that accompany the text and explain the concepts behind each poem.

This compilation will stimulate the mind and senses of any marsh lover who is enraptured by the inner workings of nature that we see all around us, particularly those who muse over the scientific wonder of the everyday.

30 Days is available from our website Shop page, priced £10.

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  1. Mandrake says:

    A beautiful, thoughtful body of work, very enlightening.

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