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Photo competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of the competition.

* Sam is 10 years old - a fact not known by the judges.

Overall winner

Rebecca Mclaren

Big Sky over Ice

Runners up

Wayne Minter

Postcards from the floating world

Emma Cameron

Wildflowers in the ditch on Walthamstow Marshes

Hayley Peacock


Julian Cheyne

Canal Boats on the Lea Navigation in winter

Kriss Lee

That Bike by the River Lea

Nick Fallowfield-Cooper

Marsh after the rain

Michael Ho

Heron on Walthamstow Marshes

Martin Slavin

Minding the Bags on Hackney Marshes

Christakis Poupazis

Springtime on the River Lea

Rebecca Vorperian

Snowy Walk

Peter Wilbourne

Receding Mist

Highly commended

Wayne Minter


Wayne Minter

River Lea at the Filter Beds

Rebecca McLaren

Lots to eat if you know where to look

Sam O'Connor*

Hackney Marshes in the December frost


Rebecca McLaren


Rebecca McLaren

Beautiful Hackney: Secret Walk by the Cut

Emma Cameron


Nick Fallowfield-Cooper

Leyton Marsh after snow

Jack Hawkins

Hackney Marsh in Winter

Asya Gefter

Winter on Hackney Marshes

Asya Gefter

Winter on Walthamstow Marshes

Martin Slavin

Hackney Marsh Olympic Crane Count

Julian Cheyne

Fallen Tree on Hackney Marshes

Wayne Minter

Postcards from the floating world no.10, by Bombcrater Pond